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2024-03-09 07:00 - 17:00 @ MUKURU KWA RUBEN


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SIMPLIFIED SEWER SYSTEM – MUKURU KWA RUBEN Mosque Road and Apostolic Areas About Simplified Sewer Systems With an urbanization rate of 4.5% per annum, Kenya is one of the most rapidly urbanising countries in the world. Access to improved sanitation facilities remains low at 31% in urban areas, with 84% of the Kenyan population depending on onsite sanitation. Informal settlements in Nairobi have historically lacked key infrastructure and basic services, including water and sewer connections, and solid waste management. Simplified Sewer Systems (SSS), introduced in Nairobi, are widely used in Brazil and other Latin American countries and have also been trialed in Tanzania and Namibia. Relative to conventional sewers, these systems cost less, use smaller-diameter, flexible pipes, and can be laid at shallower depths and closer to households, easing the connection process.

About the Pilot Project: In Nairobi Kenya, SSS was piloted in Mukuru Kwa Ruben informal settlement- a Special Planning Area.The Pilot area comprises of densely occupied informal settlements covering an area of about 0.25 Km2.The pilot project was implemented to improve water and sanitation services, involving a partnership between Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC), Nairobi City County Government, Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), Akiba Mashinani Trust (AMT), and the community. The project aimed to pilot alternative, complementary solutions for safe water and sanitation: the installation of pre-paid water dispensers (PPDs) and simplified sewer systems (SSS).

Project Benefits Despite unforeseen challenges — including difficulties in mobilizing communities as a result of COVID-19 restrictions — the project was implemented successfully, exceeding targets. A total of 4,000metres of simplified sewer service lines were laid, 230 Inspection chambers constructed, 3,000 households connected and more than 12,500 beneficiaries reached, surpassing the target population.

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Water Sector Trust Fund (WaterFund) is the Kenyan State Corporation under the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation mandated to assist in financing water, sanitation and water resources management projects in the underserved and marginalised rural and urban areas. In the Water Act, 2016, the mandate of the WaterFund is to provide conditional and unconditional grants to Counties and to assist in financing the development of and management of water services in the marginalised and underserved areas including:Community level initiatives for the sustainable management of water resources, Development of water services in rural areas considered not to be commercially viable for provision of water services by licensees, Development of water services in the under-served poor urban areas & Research activities in the area of water resource management and water services, sewerage and sanitation. WaterFund was first established under the Water Act, 2002, as the Water Services Trust Fund with the mandate to provide financing assistance towards water and sanitation projects to underserved and low-income rural and urban areas

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